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Introduction to the Long-term Retention of Skilled Foreign Workers Program

In order to supplement the industry workforce on April 30, 2022, the Ministry of Labor officially implemented the “Long-term Retention of Skilled Foreign Workers Program.” This applies to industries that already hire foreign workers, including manufacturing industry, slaughterhouse industry, construction industry, the agriculture and long-term care sector, allowing the retention of workers who have worked in Taiwan for 6 years or more, or overseas Chinese and foreign students who have obtained an associate degree or higher from an educational institution in Taiwan, who meet salary condition eligibility and the required skill level, with employers applying for them to be re-designated intermediate skilled foreign workers. There is no limit to the number of years an intermediate skilled foreign workers can work in Taiwan, they receive a higher salary, have a more advanced skill level and are not required to pay an employment security fee. After working for a further five years, such individuals can also apply for permanent residency.

Intermediate skilled foreign workers continue to receive labor and health insurance protections and if in the future industry category intermediate skilled foreign workers to whom the provisions of the Labor Standards Act apply retire in Taiwan the old labor pension system applies. After an employer applies for a foreign worker to be re-designated an intermediate skilled worker, permission will be given to retain the needed number of personnel with the requisite skill level. In addition, the employer is also permitted to apply to recruit the same number of new foreign workers as the number of original foreign workers re-designated intermediate skilled foreign workers. As such, the increase in the number of foreign workers hired by an employer also helps to alleviate employment needs.

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One of the required documents for employers to apply for the employment of foreign mid-level technical personnel with the Ministry of Labor shall be the certification documents issued by the municipal or county/city governments on the following to the petition of the employers: 
(I) Labor pension reserve appropriated and labor pension fund has been allocated as required. 
(II) Outstanding salary advance compensation fund has been settled as required. 
(III) Labor insurance premium and occupational hazard insurance premium for the employees have been paid as required. 
(IV) Fine on punishment for violation of labor laws has been paid as required.
(V) Labor-management meeting has been held as required. 
(VI) No strike or labor-management dispute at the workplace reserved for Category III foreigners with substantive evidence as defined by Article 10 of the Employment Service Act. 
(VII) No substantive evidence incriminating business contraction, shut down of operation and factory, or discontinuation of operation. 
(VIII) The employment of Category III foreigners is not connected with any lowering of the employment condition for domestic employees. 

  • Release date :2022/06/15
  • Update date :2022/06/15